KATHREEN DEROUET was born in Prague in 1983. She danced from her childhood. She studied the ballet at Dance Conservatory in Prague, she also studied singing, playing the piano and the flute at Gymnasium Jana Nerudy in Prague. After she moved to Brno thanks to her studying at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU in Brno) - musical drama - singing, acting and dancing (ballet, jazz, modern dance...). She worked a seven years like an actress, dancer and singer for MUSICAL TOWN THEATER.

Kathreen is one of the most popular oriental dance artist in Czech Republic - oriental dance lover, professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Her dance style and love to oriental dance still fascinates more and more dancers all over the world. She has been performing and dancing not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad for more than 15 years (Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, many cities in China...). She's a multiple awarded winner of prestige international competitions – 1st place in Cairo (2009, Nile Group Festival), 1st place from Berlin (2009, International Raks Sharqi Contest) and also 1st place in Duisburg (2011, Bellydancer of the World). She has been an art director of LET'S DANCE PRAGUE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL since 2012. She played an oriental dance instructor in Jiří Vejdělek's movie "Ženy v pokušení" in 2009. She performed at Jilina's project BELLYDANCE EVOLUTION in Germany, Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic in 2010 and 2011. She's a (HE)ART BELLYDANCE founder and the author of the unique feature fairy tale performance DREAMS COME TRUE. She is also regarded for her choreographic abilities and is an author of many significant dance projects (e.g. TOP CZECH BELLY DANCE STARS or ORIENTAL DANCE CONNECTS).


Big thanks to all my oriental dance teachers:

Michal Mach (CZ), Adla Čumpelíková (CZ), Beata a Horacio Cifuentes (GE), Lubna Emam (EG), Osama Emam (EG), Jillina (USA), Mahmoud Reda (EG), Khaled Mahmoud (GB), Tito (EG), Mohamed Kazafy (EG), Aziza (USA), Bozenka (USA), Aida Nour (EG), Nour (EG), Raqia Hassan (EG), Randa Kamel (EG), Momo Kadous (EG), Zaza Hassan (EG), Nabil Mabrouk (EG), Zahra (ALG), Tamalyn Dalal (USA), Asmahan (EG), VirginiA Mendez (USA).

I dance, therefore I am.

Big thanks to my husband and family for your support and love,

big thanks to my dance school Dance Centre,

big thanks to my teachers for your education and inspiration,

big thanks to my close friend Míša Staňková, 

and big thanks to my students for everything.